Unity: Space exploration (voice controlled game)

Feel free to watch the run through of the game play (remember to turn on audio)

Another team-based game project created using Unity in my Master of Entertainment Technology Coursework, Building Virtual World (BVW).

With the increasing trend of space exploration, have you ever wondered what happens if you get trapped in a random planet? Presenting to you this game where you act as the AI to help the astronaut collect spaceship parts and escape!

Contribution to the game

This game is created using Unity in a team of 5 comprising of 2 programmers, 2 artists and 1 sound designer. I was one of the programmers working on the level design of the 3rd stage, voice dialogue sequences, traps enhancements and linking scenes together to form the complete gameplay.

Although this is the first time I created a 2D game, the mechanism is relatively easier and more straightforward compared to a 3D game. This game is created entirely based on voice control using Microsoft’s voice recognition package. A huge technical challenge comes from tuning the threshold and setting specific keywords to make it work as intended. As it is my first time implementing dialogue, it was challenging to ensure that the dialogue flows as intended considering multiple scenarios, easy to change and scale.

Technical challenges aside, another challenge arises in teaching the player how to play without instructions (project requirement) yet fun and engaging. We had multiple iterations before reaching this stage and we are proud of what we managed to accomplish. In terms of level design, we have successfully make the 3 levels of the game with varying difficulties and obstacles on each within 2 weeks. 

Starting feels of the game

Flying spaceship
Getting ready to play as an AI to the crew
Spaceship crash

Gameplay run-through

Throughout the game, you will be controlling the player using voice. You need to collect a certain number of spaceship parts in order to escape from this planet. At the same time, you must take care of your health and not die from the traps around the area. Your only way to heal is to stand still and not move but that will also slow you down. Faced with many decisions, as an AI, choose the path that is the best of your knowledge.

Note: actions taken will lead up to different endings.

Gameplay ending

The Finale

Great job, you have successfully reached the ending of the game!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the game mechanism! 🙂

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