ISoHealthy Mobile App

Inspired by Singapore Health Promotion Board Health365 application, iSoHealthy is designed with the same purpose to encourage people to stay fit in a more user-friendly manner. It provides tips, exercise routines and most importantly, a community.

Through user studies, I found out that the previous version of Health365 application is too cluttered with information and people are reluctant to open the application frequently. The general response is that a family or community of people staying fit together will encourage them to use the application more. Thus, I have built the application based on these feedbacks.

General overview of the application
Overall flow of the application to the users.

(LeftOverview of the application starting from the sign in page, to personal health, daily statistics and health tips.

(Right) Through feedbacks from the users, I learned that users tend to be more reluctant to exercise alone.

Hence, we have introduced a feature to allow users to start exercising together with friends remotely. This allows them to talk or motivate each other throughout the exercise.

Sample process to start exercising
Promote exercising with friends using the application

Other Features

Sign in page for users
Initial sign in page for all mobile users.
Health promoting app home page
The default home page filled with general information on staying healthy.
Health App community
Similar to Facebook, users can view and share posts by the community he or she is in.
Individual health update
The user can check his overall health statistics easily.
Health app daily statistics
Daily statistics of your movement.
Health app nutrients statistics
New recipes will be provided daily to teach users how to eat healthily.
Health app family health tree
Health tree of your family members so that the family can stay healthy together.
Health app leadership board
Users can complete mini fitness tasks to join the leadership board and earn rewards.

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